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I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58"

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This is a Pro-Life resource page where you'll find articles, videos and links exposing the Pro-Abortion agenda and encouraging the Pro-Life movement. You'll also find help for those who have experienced abortion in their own lives and are filled with guilt and regret even decades after the fact. If this is you, please begin by clicking on Resources for help after abortion - from Silent No More Awareness.

by patgoltz
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Read various articles on Abortion below

Pro-Life Political information below

Right to Life Organizations


Pro-Life Videos - Need inspiration? Check out these videos and share them with your friends.


113th Congress - Scheduled to meet from January 3, 2013 to January 3, 2014 - Find out who is Pro-Life and who is Pro-Abortion

114th Congress - Scheduled to meet from January 3, 2015 to January 3, 2016 - Find out who is Pro-Life and who is Pro-Abortion

115th Congress - Scheduled to meet from January 3, 2017 to January 3, 2018 - Find out who is Pro-Life and who is Pro-Abortion

Abortion Quotes

Abortion and Racism "Evil Twins," Martin Luther King Jr's. Niece Says - By Alveda C. King

Abortion Statistics - By The Second Look Project

Agape Defiled - How the Church Has Failed 55 Million Orphans - By Rolley Haggard

America Needs More Uncle Toms! - By Catherine Davis

An Open Letter To Our U.S. Elected Officials: End Abortion - By Zack Hensley

An Open Letter To Our U.S. Elected Officials: You who are Christians - By Bruce W. Robida

A Thermonuclear Trumpet:Knocking Down the Jericho Wall of Abortion Apathy - By Rolley Haggard

A Woman's Right or Right for Women? - By Georgette Forney

Black Children Are an Endangered Species - By Catherine Davis

Brilliant Darkness - The Rationale by Which Biblical Christianity has Justified 40 Years of Abortion Apathy - By Rolley Haggard

Canada's National Newspaper calls for Worldwide One Child Policy... - By Diane Francis, Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christians Vote Pro-Life! - Article - By Bruce W. Robida

Doctors Groups Say Partial-Birth Abortion Unnecessary, Hurts Women - By Maria Gallagher

Eugenics - Eugenics is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created unequal and the food is running short; that, in the struggle for food, those who have an inherited advantage prevail and pass the advantage on to their children who prevail even more; that this is how evolution, Yale and the English aristocracy happened. A further belief is that, at this point in evolution, the more evolved must take destiny and the less evolved in hand. Selection must not be left to chance for chance is cruel, capricious and, all too often, expensive but must instead be led by the kindly elite - Harvard professors, British aristocrats, Serbian psychiatrists, Aryans and so on. But death control, which has been the main method used by natural selection or chance, for termination of useless populations, must be replaced by birth control which is cheaper, and, as Charles Darwin pointed out in The Descent of Man, more effective. Read More...

From Auschwitz to Churchwitz - For Millions, Our Steeples Are Smokestacks - By Rolley Haggard

God Forgive America - By Eddie DeHart

Government Funded Abortions - By Mary Susan Scott

If the Ear Won't Listen, Tell It to the Eye - By Rolley Haggard

I Will Always Love You - By Juliana Itabaiana

Kathleen Sebelius Destroyed Evidence to Protect Planned Parenthood in a Child Rape Case - By Michael Tennant

Life Before Roe - A BRIEF SURVEY OF US ABORTION LAW - By Brian Young

Louder than the ‘Silent Scream’: The Deafening Silence of Our Pulpits - An Open Letter to Evangelical Pastors in America - By Rolley Haggard

Men Whose Girlfriends or Wives Have Had Abortions - By Pro-Life America

Methods of Abortion By American Life League


New Studies Continue to Document Physical Risks of Abortion - By TheUnChoice.com

Phariseevangelicalism - Straining at the Gnats of Introspection and Swallowing the Camels of Infanticide - By Rolley Haggard

Population control called key to deal - By Li Xing (China Daily) Updated: 2009-12-10

Pro Abortion Celebrities

Pro Life Celebrities

Pro-Life Activism Is Not a Mission of the Church - It Is THE Mission of the Church - By Rolley Haggard

113th Congress - Is your Congressman pro-Life? Find out here

114th Congress - Is your Congressman pro-Life? Find out here

115th Congress - Is your Congressman pro-Life? Find out here

Pro-life Links - links related to abortion

Racist and Eugenic statements by Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood 

Sanctity of Human Life Act - By Congressman, Paul Broun

Should anyone consider aborting what God has created and called, good? - By Bruce W. Robida

Silence Is Blasphemy - By Rolley Haggard

Stem Cells/Cloning - Articles and links related to Stem Cell Research and Cloning

Termination of Pregnancy - Statement by American College of Pediatricians

The Art of Human Sacrifice and the god of Convenience - By Bruce W. Robida

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - By Reverend Eric Strachan

The Greater Commission: Priority is Everything - By Rolley Haggard

The Question That Will Define Us - What Does Christianity Look Like in a Culture That Kills Its Children? - By Rolley Haggard

The role of Tiller's pastors - By Dave Welch - About murdered abortion provider, George Tiller

The Roots of Racism and Abortion - Online book by John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe

The trouble with unprincipled incrementalism and allowing for exceptions - By Rebecca Kiessling, Conceived in rape, Targeted for abortion.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet - By Rolley Haggard

Value life, and all children: Elimination patterned after a racist agenda - By Day Gardner 

We Could End Abortion ‘Overnight’—If We Really Wanted To - By Rolley Haggard

Pro-Life - Political

Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame injustice by statute? They band together against the life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death.
Psalm 94:20-21 ESV

Find your Elected Officials - Federal and State

Write your US Representative - Make a difference in our world. Send a message to your representatives.  Easy search.

Write your US Senators - Easy access to Senate E-mail

Write your State Representatives - State Legislature Websites

Find your Zip + 4 code - Needed to write your Representative

113th Congress

114th Congress

115th Congress

Support H.R. 227 Sanctity of Human Life Act

Help Needed
Each US State has its own elected officials. Volunteers are needed to identify these officials and their positions regarding abortion, just as I have done with the US 115th Congress. Good research skills, access to and a working a working knowledge of a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel will be necessary. If interested, please contact me for more details.


Project Vote Smart - Every candidate and elected official from President to local government can be easily and instantly accessed.

Catholic Petition to Withhold Holy Communion

Read and Sign Petition Here*

* Although I disagree with many Catholic teachings, I believe it is imperative that Catholic leaders hold professed Catholic politicians accountable for the immoral positions that they hold.

Are you on Facebook? Join our group, Christians Vote Pro-Life! By joining this group you agree to take a firm stand that you will not elect or re-elect another politician that supports pro-choice measures. Furthermore, you will aggressively be proactive promoting life and campaigning against Pro-choice candidates, either in an official capacity, or among your friends, family, and other acquaintances.

Every Voice
Every opportunity
Christians Vote Pro-Life!

will not go away
without a fight!

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