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The Art of Human Sacrifice and the god of Convenience

By Bruce W. Robida

Revised 08-19-2013


A seed is just a seed when it is planted in the ground.  Once the roots begin to form, the seed no longer exists, but a plant begins to grow.  Except for some outside interference, the plant grows into what it was meant to be, eventually yielding to its intended purpose, or dying of old age.  Some plants do not make it to old age.  We step in and cut their lives short for our convenience.  We use them for food, shelter, and other useful products. We sacrifice their lives so that they may serve our needs and desires and so that our lives may be enhanced.  And so it should be.  Plants were created for our enjoyment, for our pleasure, for our benefit; to be used as we see fit. 

The human egg is just an egg while it is inside the mother, unfertilized.  Once fertilization takes place, the egg no longer exists, but a child begins to form.  Except for some outside interference, the child grows into what he or she was meant to be, eventually fulfilling his or her purpose in life, then dying of old age. Some children do not make it to old age. Some never see the light of day.  Some people step in and cut their lives short for the sake of convenience.  Some people use them for experimentation, implantation, and for other medical purposes.  Some parents sacrifice the lives of their children so that their needs and desires may be fulfilled and so that their lives may be enhanced.  But unlike the plant, this should not be.  Children were created as a reward from God (Ps 127:3) so that we may teach them His ways and they may teach their children so that they would trust God and Keep His commands (Ps 78:5-7).

Human sacrifice is not just a thing of the past.  It is a practice that began early in our human history and continues today.  In the past, the sacrificial offering was meant to appease the particular gods of the day so that the people may enjoy a good crop season or some other favor that this god might bestow upon them.  Throughout human history, millions of people, young and old, have succumbed to being sacrificed to unknown gods who could do nothing for them.  All of them died in vain. 

Today, it might shock you to know that human sacrifice is alive and well, especially in the United States of America.  Those who practice such an act do not know that they too are making a sacrifice to an unknown god.  This god might be called convenience. Thousands of children and elderly die every day to this god.  The methods of sacrifice today are different from those of the past.  In the past, the victim was usually burned or stabbed and the people knew that they were making a sacrifice to their god.  Today, the methods are different, but the result is the same. 

Unborn children are sucked out of what should be the safest place in the universe, the mother’s womb.  Parts of the baby are torn from his body while a powerful vacuum tries to pull him away from safety.  He cries, and his pain is excruciating, and it is real, and he finally dies. He is dissected and some of his parts are used for science, but the rest of him is discarded as if he were garbage.

Another method that is used to sacrifice children to this god called convenience, is when the child is forced to enter the final stage of delivery even though he is sometimes not developed enough to survive, even if he were allowed to complete his journey into this world.  He is not only forced to leave the safety of his mother’s womb, but he is forced to do it feet first.  Once he reaches the point where all that is left inside his mother is his head, a doctor inserts a sharp hollow tube into the back of his skull and his brains are sucked out by a powerful vacuum until his head collapses.  This child also feels real, excruciating pain until he too finally dies.  Like the first baby, he is dissected and some of his parts are used for science, but the rest of him is discarded as if he too were garbage.

Another method of sacrificing children is when a pill is inserted into the woman’s vagina close to the cervix causing it to prematurely open.  This allows the child to fall out into the birth canal leaving his mother and entering the sterile environment of a hospital room.  There, he might be given what is called comfort care, that is wrapped in a towel and placed on a table until he dies naturally.  Some of these children live anywhere from forty-five minutes to eight hours, struggling to breath because their lungs have not developed enough to work properly on their own.  Some could survive as preemies if given proper medical attention.  But that would be silly.  Their objective is that this child too must die.  And of course, he is dissected and some of his parts are used for science and the rest of him is discarded as he too is considered garbage.

Another method of sacrificing children to the god of convenience is when a doctor injects a solution into the amniotic fluid.  This solution swirls around the baby and into his mouth, eyes and lungs and acts like an acid because it literally burns the flesh of his helpless body.  His torture is all too real, and soon, but not soon enough, his dead lifeless body is removed and if there is anything that can be salvaged, he is dissected and used for science.  Whatever is left is tossed as though he too were garbage.

There is another method of sacrificing children on the altar of convenience, and that is through divorce.  Children don’t die physically, but emotionally.  They are not considered important enough to set aside differences and work on problems in the marriage.  One or both of the selfish parents choose divorce as a solution, leaving in their wake countless heart broken children who never fully recover from the effects of having divorced parents.

The elderly and handicapped are also sacrificed to this god of convenience by withholding treatment for particular medical conditions or giving them large doses of certain medications, speeding up their demise.  This is done in the name of mercy, although we never hear the phrase, “mercy killing” anymore.  Some advocate assisted suicide to help a friend or family member end his own life.  The one who wants to die feels as if he is a burden to those people and the friends and family feel as if the one who wants to die is a burden to them.  So if they help him to die, they all win.

Human sacrifice is alive and well in this great age of technology.  How many people who have fallen victim to this unknown god of convenience, might have done mighty things for God?  Satan does not know who these children are. So, just like the time he caused king Herod to kill every male child in Bethlehem who was under the age of two in an attempt to kill Jesus, he is trying to cause us to kill every child who has not even entered the world so that the message of Christ might be silenced.  Some people have sold out to this god of convenience.  Their careers are more important than the gift that God has bestowed upon them so they choose abortion.  Their money is too precious to share with their child so they choose abortion.  Their reputation is more important than their child so they choose to abort him.  Their time is more valuable than their child so they choose to abort him. 

It is sometimes not convenient to have a child so why not choose to abort him?  This god of convenience is truly a manifestation of the devil.  He wants to silence all of our children.  He has succeeded in silencing millions already.

Some of you are guilty of falling prey to the god of convenience.  If it’s through divorce or by allowing an older relative to die by withholding treatment or administering lethal doses of drugs or if it’s by choosing to abort a child or helping someone to commit suicide, it is sin.  It must be confessed and you must never do it again. 

Some of you women are guilty of aborting a child.  Since then, you became a Christian.  Your sins have been forgiven.  You have been washed in the blood of Christ.  Yet there are scars that never seem to disappear.  This is the consequence of that sin.  Christ has forgiven you but the scars remain. 

Some of you men are just as guilty of that sin as the women are who chose to abort the child. Unless you were married to her, you had no right to get her pregnant. You may not have confessed that sin, but you must.  For some men, the scar is there.  It is just as real as it is for the women.  It too will not go away.

But there is good news.  First, Christ will forgive that sin if you confess it
(1 Jn 1:9). Second, that child went into God’s care immediately upon his death
(2 Cor 5:8).  Third, that scar will not last forever.  In heaven, God will wipe away every tear; there will be no more death, mourning, crying, or pain (Rev.7: 17, 21:4). I believe that if Christ will not remember our sins (Heb 8:12, 10:17), we will not remember them either.  It is only then that our scars will disappear.  Until then, they are there to remind us of what we once were so that we do not consider going back there, but especially that we are in desperate need of a Savior (Eph. 2:13).

When your children are old enough to understand, explain to them the horrors of human sacrifice.  Let them grow up knowing that there are people out there who are willing to sacrifice someone so that their lives may not be inconvenienced.  Let them know that you don’t want them to be one of those people.  Tell your sons and daughters that having sexual relations with someone who they are not married to can lead to scars that will not go away in this life time and they may never go away if Christ has not forgiven them. 

And finally, if you have scars, take comfort and know that Christ can forgive you if He hasn’t already and that child that God tried to give you, rests with Him.  You may never know who he or she is.  Maybe, God will reveal that child to you in heaven and allow you to have an even better relationship with him or her than you could ever have imagined.  We have a God who gives us abundant grace and mercy.  I don’t see why He would not allow such a reunion (see also, Should anyone consider aborting what God has created and called good?).

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