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Pro-Life Celebrities

By Bruce W. Robida



Updated - 08-11-2016 - Now 73 Pro-Life Celebrities!

Please help contribute to this list.
If you know of any pro-life celebrities,
please let me know.

Check out this list of Pro-Life Celebrities! It's very short. Maybe you can provide the names of others.

Kim Alexis
Stephen Baldwin
Mark Bavaro
Justin Bieber
Matt Birk
Andrea Bocelli
Pat Boone
Jim Burt
Jennifer Cadena
Kirk Cameron
Jim Caviezel
Kenny Chesney
Margaret Colin
Common - Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr.
Stacey Dash
Donna D'Errico
Danylo Fedoryka
Lakita Garth
Mel Gibson
Chris Godfrey
Gary Graham
Kelsey Grammer
A.C. Green
Patricia Heaton
Rachel Hendrix
Celeste Holm
Susan Howard
Brit Hume
Kathy Ireland
Dr. Mildred Jefferson
Ann Jillian
Abby Johnson
Rashida Jolley
Dr. Alveda King
Norm Macdonald
Michelle Malkin
George Martin
Norma McCorvey
Phil McConkey
Michael Moriarity
Kate Mulgrew
Patricia Neal
Jack Nickolson
Chuck Norris
Jennifer O'Neill
Dolores O'Riordan
Amanda Penix
Piper (MC)
Suzi Quatro
Ronald Regan
Philip Rivers
Phil Robertson
Lila Rose
Irene Saez
Dana Scallon
Dr. Laura
Martin Sheen
Brooke Shields
Phil Simms
Kevin Sorbo
Jordin Sparks
Ben Stein
Rebecca St. James
Tim Tebow
Janine Turner
Eduardo Verastegui
Ken Wahl
Benjamin Watson
Lisa Whelche
George Will
Gretchen Wilson
Lord Nicholas Windsor
Megan Lynne Young

The following is a list of celebrities that have been submitted to this website, but have not yet been confirmed as being Pro-Life. Please help me confirm those on this list by providing absolute proof of their Pro-Life positions. Please understand the fact that while they might professed to be Christians, strong conservatives, or they may have played a major role in a Pro-Life movie, it is not confirmation enough. The majority of the United States Congress professes to be Christians, yet most are also pro-abortion. Also, many conservatives are liberal when it comes to social issues. And as actors are concerned, it is important to remember that although they might play a Pro-Life part in a movie, they are in actuality, acting. True confirmation should come from sources such as quotes or videos from these celebrities in their personal lives or from Pro-Life events.

Susan Boyle
Pierce Brosnan
Rachel Campos-Duffy
Nick Cannon
Emilio Estevez
Fred Grandy
Amy Grant
Sean Hannity
Chase Hilgenbrinck
Chris Horn
Kevin James
Chris Kramer
Chelsea Noble
Matthew Marsden
Bill O'Reilly
Marie Osmond
John Schneider
Michael W. Smith
Jeff Suppan
Mike Sweeney
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Rozanda Thomas
Deniece Williams

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