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Stem Cell/Cloning

Read various articles on Stem Cells and Cloning


by patgoltz
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Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell technology, although in its infancy, holds promising treatments for hundreds of ailments, including those which plague organ transplant candidates. The links below will take you to news articles and other informaton that is related to Stem Cell Research. I understand the importance of this research, but reject embryonic stem cells as potential research material because it includes the destruction of human embryos. I do support and promote all other stem cell research and hope that you will also. Some of the articles that you might read in the following links might address embryonic stem cell research and therapies. It is my opinion that no matter how promising this controversial research is, taking life (e.g. destruction of a human embryo) should not be employed to save a life.


Abortion - Articles and links related to Abortion and Pro-Life issues

Stem Cell News - One of the leading reporting sites for news about usages and science of stem cells.

Stem Cell Information - The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research

Do No Harm - The Coalition of Americans For Research Ethics

Stem Cell Research - The Center for Bioethics Human Dignity


Adult Stem Cell Research Can Improve Vision, Treat Cancer and Heart Damage - By Steven Ertelt

Adult Stem Cell Research May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer Victims - By Maria Vitale Gallagher

Adult Stem Cell Research May Hold Promise for Diabetes Cure - By Maria Gallagher

Adult Stem Cell Research Successes Featured at Human Cloning Event - By Steven Ertelt

Adult Stem Cell Researchers Combat Heart Attacks, Leukemia - By Steven Ertelt

Adult Stem Cells Cure Italian Boy of Potentially Lethal Anemia - By Reuters

Adult Stem Cells or Tissue From Abortions - By Maria Vitale Gallagher

Adult stem cells safe in gene therapy - By United Press International, Inc

'Blank' stem cells showing promise - By Colin Nickerson

Bone marrow treatments restore nerves, expert says - By Maggie Fox

BrainStorm treatment shows good results in study - By BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc.

Cloning Addendum - A statement on the cloning report issues - By the President's Council on Bioethics

Controversy brews over storing of cord blood - By Terri Coles

Cord Blood Stem Cells Prove Successful in Treating Heart Damage - By Steven Ertelt

Doctors Say Adult Stem Cell Research Cures HIV-Positive Man - By Steven Ertelt

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Likely Won't Cure Any Diseases - By Wesley Smith

FACTBOX: Stem cells - the ultimate master cell - By Maggie Fox

Fetal cells for Parkinson's not long-term - By United Press International, Inc

Finnish patient gets new jaw from own stem cells - By Sami Torma

Focus on Embryonic Stem Cell Research May Damage Other Scientific Pursuits - By Steven Ertelt

Funding key, Gairdner winner says: Calgary researcher's discovery of stem cells in human brain was happy accident for scientist - By Sandro Contenta

Human Stem Cells Found In Amniotic Fluid - By Maggie Fox

More Research Confirms Adult Stem Cells Repair Heart Damage - By Steven Ertelt

New type of stem cells coaxed into heart tissue - By Maggie Fox

Paralyzed Woman Walks Again after Stem Cell Therapy - By AFP

Progenitor cells eyed for liver transplants - By Reuters

Scientists identify candidate adult bladder stem cells - By Urology Times E-News

Senate Committee Hears Testimony Supporting Adult Stem Cell Research - By Associated Press/Pro-Life Infonet

Senators Announce Cord Blood Stem Cell Bill - By Steven Ertelt

Six Stem Cell Facts - By Robert P. George AND Rev. Thomas V. Berg, L.C

Stem cell bank proposed - By Chisa Fujioka

Stem cells from skin treat brain disease in rats - By Maggie Fox

Stem-cell method hailed as 'massive breakthrough' - By Anne McIlroy

Stem Cell News That Isn't Fit For Print - By Wesley J. Smith

Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 -Opposition - By Suellen W. Myrick

Stem Cell Research Shows Continued Promise For Heart Disease Victims - By Maria Vitale Gallagher

Stem cells show potential for treating vision loss - By Ophthalmology Times Meeting E-News

Therapy in China gives blind Ark. girl some sight - By Joanne Bratton

Umbilical cord blood can help metabolic disorders- By Maggie Fox

What's a President to do? - Stem Cell Research - By Bruce W. Robida


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