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Don Paulk: Correspondence

By Bruce W. Robida

On February 20th, 2011, I decided to take a look at Don Paulk's blog in order to determine whether or not he was still active in the Church. His latest blog post spoke at length about his twilight years and how he had become disillusioned with religion (unfortunately, Don Paulk claims to have accidentally deleted that post and I did not copy it). As I read further, it seemed to me that he was beginning to show signs of wisdom, looking back at his past and possibly regretting some of his involvement with the Church, especially when it came to his televangelist friends and the tactics they use even today, to gain a following, but especially money. But what I found toward the end was a promotion of his son's book, The Holy Bible of Inclusion. This gospel of inclusion is yet another false gospel being taught and promoted by the surviving Paulks. Shown below are the letters between myself and Don Paulk. The reason that I have decided to post them here is because I need to show that what I have done, not only by creating this web site and listing false teachers, but by writing to people like Don Paulk, is not in a spirit of hatred, but a spirit of love. My hope is always to turn people around to do what is right, leading them to truth for the sake of their souls.

February 20, 2011

Note: The links in the following, were not part of the original letter.

Dear Mr. Paulk,

I am one of the 50 or so who read your blog, and I must say you held my interest. You wrote about being in the twilight of your life, being disillusioned with religion, recollecting the tactics of some of your old TV preacher friends and questioning all that you have been taught since you were a small child. I was surprised to see you admit some of these things since you have been in ministry for 50 years. Since you are living in the period of your life that many consider to be, twilight, it is fitting that you should contemplate your faith as it relates to what you have been taught over the years, and it seems that you may actually reject some of it. I too have had to reevaluate my faith after being disillusioned by organized religion.

I was once a member of Chapel Hill Harvester from the mid to late 90’s. I used to sit very close to the front so that I didn’t miss anything. I came from a Roman Catholic background, then became a Southern Baptist, and for the sake of my wife, moved on to your church. Something in my heart led me to love God more than anything, and as I heard your brother preach, I began to study the Bible more and more. What I came to realize was that what he was preaching did not match up with what the Bible teaches. What was being taught at Chapel Hill harvester was confusing and often times misleading. I had to leave your church and try to unlearn what I had been taught over the few years that I was there.

My next problem came when the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced, first by Jessica Battle, then by Mona Brewer and Cindy Hall. My first thought was, “Does the leadership at CHHC believe in the infallibility of the Bible or don’t they”? I know I don’t have to quote Scriptures to you. You know what they say about sexual immorality. So either you believe what the Bible says about it or you don’t. The leadership of CHHC left me disillusioned with organized religion because they had no credibility.

The solution to understanding what God expects from His people is to read and study His Word, the Bible with the understanding that it is infallible otherwise anyone can say anything to suit their own personal agendas. I believe this is where denominations come from. I have found God’s Word to be easy to understand and easier to live out. Except for prophecies, God’s instructions for mankind are plain and simple.

Much of what you wrote on your blog concerning your twilight years caused me to have a change of heart about you. For a while there, I was beginning to think that your contemplation had taken you to a point of sincere repentance for the part you played in the ministry at CHHC and possibly even before then. But not surprisingly you promoted D.E.’s book, the Holy Bible of Inclusion. I’m well aware of his association with Carlton Pearson, Eckhart Tolle, and other preachers of inclusion. This teaching flies right in the face of Holy Scripture, yet in the same spirit as your brother, Earl, Donnie Earl is preaching a false gospel. Of course God is love, but He is also just. Jesus never condoned sin, rather He said, “Sin no more…” The Bible says that if you claim you have not sinned, you call God a liar. It’s one thing to embrace sinners since we all fall into that category, but it is yet another to condone what they do. Contrary to the opinion of the inclusion preachers, Hell does exist and the preachers as well as their followers will find themselves there if they don’t reject that teaching in exchange for Biblical truth.

Being in your twilight years, I suggest that you continue contemplating your faith and renew your mind by reading and studying the real Bible, untainted by the opinions of those who have some other agenda. You and other leaders of CHHC have caused great pain to the Body of Christ. Many have even fallen away from the faith thanks to the teaching and scandals that came out of that church. You have an opportunity to repent and try to make things right for your former congregation, especially for the sake of your own soul. Don’t waste your remaining years oblivious to their pain or the part you played in perpetuating it. And don’t make matters worse by promoting this heretical teaching of inclusion. Read the Bible please!

February 22, 2011

Reply from Don Paulk

Note: I did not receive a personal reply from Don Paulk, but just 2 days later, the following response was posted on his blog.


Lately, I have been receiving hate mail. This is not new, but it is interesting to note that many years after our debacle at the Cathedral, there are still those who crawl out of the woodwork to spew hate upon us. (Let you who are without sin cast your stones)

Among the things I have been told were that I should stop trying to write because my writing "sucks." I have been told that my family is "the trashiest family on the planet." I was told that even in her death, we did not honor Norma but chose to heap praise upon ourselves. I have been told that we never participated in the civil rights movement but that was just a hoax we perpetuated. I have been told that my brother preached erroneous doctrine that did not concur with the scripture. We were accused of stealing all the lifesavings of an old mother. I could go on but these are the printable ones. It would only get worse.

I won't try to overly defend myself nor my family nor the church but I do feel compelled to make some sort of response.

First of all, my family and I, nor the church for that matter, have ever claimed to be perfect. We have made our share of mistakes and committed our sins. Hopefully, we have tried to make amends and do restitution. And God is good and faithful to forgive us. However, I realize that hatred is deep-seated and those who hate will always let the root of bitterness continue to grow and manifest itself in their lives.

As for our civil rights involvement, I will only say our record stands for itself. Consider that the Cathedral was one of the first integrated churches in America, a fact that cannot be denied.

As for my family being "trashy" ... trashy is as trashy does. I daresay there are a few people around who would say we have helped them and their families. At the risk of sounding too defensive, I assure you that many of our detractors who claim great injury at our hands were willing participants in whatever fate their lives were subjected to, and in many case were more than just innocent "participants." As for my sister-in-law Norma, I was proud at the celebration we shared of her life at her homegoing service. We accorded her great honor and a show of love and respect.

As for what my brother preached ... I think history is showing that what he preached is orthodox theology. Consider that there are thousands upon thousands of interpretations of scripture. Who is to say what is right and wrong? 

As for "stealing" life's saving of elderly women let me say that we have never forced anyone to pay tithes or offerings. It was given on a fee-will basis.

If you are a reader of what I write and disagree with me, you have every right to disagree. However, you are not forced to read what I write. There are many things written that I choose not to read. And having said that, if you read this and wish to respond negatively, I will not read it. All I will do is hit "delete" and "block." If what I write "sucks" to you, then quit sucking and go your merry way and read what pleases you elsewhere.

Am I thin-skinned? Perhaps. But then I've been through too many fights and wars to fight any longer. I know there will be more fights in the future because there are always those who want to cast stones and aspersions. But I don't have to listen. 

I write what I write because I enjoy writing. It is a catharsis for me. If you enjoy reading it, then that pleases me. I welcome you as one of my few readers who enjoy what I write. If it "sucks" for you, then I apologize and refer you to other writers who may well please you more.

In my last article (which I accidentally deleted) I spoke of my "Twilight." I mentioned that I was "disillusioned" with religion. And I am. "Religion" as we know it has brought division and hatred between peoples. It has fomented many wars through the centuries. 

However, I am not disillusioned with God, who is Love. That is what I was feebly trying to say. The center of the universe is God and God is Love. If we fail to understand and accept that, then we've missed the whole point of everything. 

To those who hate me and my family and my church, I'm sorry. It doesn't change the fact that I love you as a creation of God. I can't make you love and accept me. All I can say to you is that I will leave you in peace and hopefully you will leave me and my family and my church in peace. My old brother has been dead for two years now. He can't hurt you any longer nor preach to you. Just let him rest in peace. 

And that's all I ask for in my "twilight" years ... leave me in peace, as I will you.

Selah . . . 

February 24, 2011

Note: The links in the following, were not part of the original letter.

Dear Mr. Paulk,

After not receiving a reply from my previous e-mail to you, I decided to take another look at your blog. Not surprising, I found a general response to those whom you perceive to have sent you hate mail. Although the only reference you may have made to my letter was about your brother’s teaching, I assume that it was also labeled as hate mail. If my letter to you was perceived as hate mail, I apologize. It was not intended as such.

My only purpose in writing to you was that I saw a glimmer of hope that, being in your twilight years, reflecting on your spiritual past, after having participated in a religious system that you have admittedly become disillusioned with, that you were close to a point of repentance that might lead you to genuine salvation. On the contrary, I found that you were only promoting a god that the Bible speaks nothing about; a god that your son has now embraced and is himself, teaching. It is no wonder that you are disillusioned with religion. You have been living on a weak spiritual foundation, one that changes with time and dependent upon who is preaching at the time.

There is a standard; a solid foundation upon which we can all rely, and that is the untainted Word of God, the Bible. You wrote, “Consider that there are thousands upon thousands of interpretations of scripture. Who is to say what is right and wrong?”  As I stated in my previous letter, the only parts of Scripture that are not easy to understand are the prophecies. Everything else is crystal clear, from the historical information to the instructions Jesus and His disciples gave to us for honest Christian living. No interpretation is needed for any of that. Your brother’s unorthodox teaching often confused or contradicted the Scriptures. Donnie Earl is now doing the same. It would be a shame for you to spend the rest of your life promoting yet another false gospel. Please read your Bible.

I will not write to you again unless you reach out to me.


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