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Earl Paulk

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Earl Paulk


Archbishop Earl Paulk, former pastor of Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, Georgia and presiding Bishop in the International Communion of Charismatic Churches* was a false preacher, teacher, self professed prophet and apostle and heretic.  These are harsh words for someone who is supposed to be a representative of God and if I would be mistaken in my claims against him, surely God would not allow me to go unpunished.  But as you will see, I am not the only one who makes these claims, and Earl Paulk proved himself to be all that I have said by what he has said and written.  I will present some of his false teachings here, some of which are indeed heretical.  I do this only as a last resort since I have contacted his Church four times without satisfaction, and because I was once a member of his congregation and may still have friends who attend there. (although Earl Paulk passed away, March 29, 2009, his nephew/son, Donnie Earl Paulk continues to preach some of the false doctrines that were taught to him by his uncle/father, and has also adopted some new heresies).

The following links will take you through the different, false belief systems that Earl Paulk promoted.  He is mentioned in many of them, although others who promote them are mentioned also. 

As you read about these different, complex belief systems, you should notice how they all seem to intertwine and relate to one another in some way.  Even if you are not associated with Earl Paulk, your Church might be involved in some of the same beliefs and practices that he promotes.  Bear in mind that there is some truth in these belief systems, but craftily, subtly, deception has crept in to confuse, and distort the truth according to God's Word.

Please go through the following links in succession if you can.  The primary difficulties that exist with Earl Paulk and his Presbytery derive from this first and greatest heresy, Kingdom Now Theology.  There are many components of Kingdom Now and some will be discussed in detail later on.

Please understand that Kingdom Now, Dominion, and Restoration Theology are very similar, each borrowing components from the other.  Promoters of these movements don't necessarily agree with one another on every issue, but to a large extent, they do.

* Earl Paulk was forced to resign in October, 2006 as archbishop of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC) after a member of his local church—the 6,000-member Cathedral at Chapel Hill in Decatur, Georgia—filed a lawsuit on August 31 charging him with using his position and spiritual role to manipulate women to have sex with himself, members of his family, and others, including visiting pastors, for many years... More

The ICCC partners with the Roman Catholic Church

Update October 6, 2011

My first concern about the legitimacy of this ministry began as Earl Paulk and the rest of his ministers repeatedly used the phrase, "...in covenant with God." After hearing that phrase over and over, I decided to do some study of my own about what it meant to be in covenant with God since I was hearing so much about it. My study took nearly a year, and what I found was that Earl Paulk and the leadership at CHHC were teaching a different covenant from that which Christ gave us according to the New Testament. What we were being taught resembled Old covenant principles mixed with something entirely new. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was all a part of Kingdom Now Theology. To better understand what Earl Paulk meant about what it means to be in covenant with God, I have provided two versions of CHHC's New Member's Handbook. The 1996 version is without notes and is slightly different than the 1998 version. The 1998 version shows my notes and what is highlighted are points with which I took issue.

Earl Paulk is in a better place? - By Bruce W. Robida

The Gospel According to Paulk - A Critique of "Kingdom Theology" By Robert M. Bowman, Jr., with Craig S. Hawkins and Dan R. Schlesinger

Review of the book: "That the World May Know," by Earl Paulk, (K. Dimension Publishers, 1987.) Reviewed - By Craig S. Hawkins.

Sexual Misconduct Plagues Earl Paulk - Articles and other resources related to the sexual misdeeds of Earl Paulk.

Kingdom Now Theology

What is kingdom now teaching? (in a nutshell) - by Got Questions? Ministries

Word of Faith preacher

Word of Faith and the Charismatic Movement

Earl Paulk's Legacy - Donnie Earl Paulk

Videos featuring the teachings of EarlPaulk

Articles about Earl Paulk

Article - 7 Characteristics of false Teachers - By Thomas Brooks  (1608-1680)

This box will list current or former pastors of Earl Paulk's church and ministry. The purpose is to warn you that although Earl Paulk has died, the influence of his false teaching has not. Some of these pastors are still ministering to unsuspecting victims, in various capacities.

Donnie Earl Paulk - Currently in transition to another ministry, Church in the Now. Church in the Now is under the leadership of bishop, Jim Earl Swilley, another Kingdom Now preacher. It is possible that some of the preachers who are currently under the leadership of DE Paulk, will move with him.

" Yes, we will say goodbye to the Cathedral building itself. However, the ideas and spirit and mission of the Cathedral will live on in the hearts of us all! Although we may change locations... the vision remains the same! " DE Paulk - Myspace - August 22, 2009

Bobby Brewer

Helen Brown

Ron Brown

Charles Carswell

Kirby Clements

Richard Davis

David Huskins

Lynn Mays 

Clariece Paulk

Don Paulk

James Powers

Dan Bullock Rhodes

Duane Swilley

Jim Earl Swilley


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Cassius Turner - Current pastor under the leadership of DE Paulk Facebook link

John Wiese - Current pastor under the leadership of DE Paulk
Facebook link

Michael Cole - Current pastor under the leadership of DE Paulk

Nancy Harold - Current pastor under the leadership of DE Paulk

Wendell Townsley - Current pastor under the leadership of DE Paulk

Vickie Turner - Current pastor under the leadership of DE Paulk

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Barbara Benjamin

Robert G Hunter

Rob Hunter

Bill Reily

Ellen Housley

Chad Hyatt

Jim Hodgin

Mark Walker

Neil Gass



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