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Tribute to Brenna Grace

By Jill Thornburg


This is a tribute to my granddaughter, Brenna Grace Thornburg. She was born prematurely on October 16, 2010 and only lived a short time. Just after her delivery, many of us stayed with Jill, Ray and Brenna, holding her, touching her, loving her as best we could while praying. Our hearts were broken but for many of us our hope was, and still is, that we will see her again one day. My daughter, Jill has beautifully put into words, what is on her heart concerning what took place that day.

Tribute to Brenna Grace

I think about you every day as my imagination tries to see
the Heaven where you live and where I long to be.
But my Earthly vision is clouded, too foggy to really know
His paradise that awaits us, where I pray my soul to go.

A million questions invade my heart; I need to sort them out
Are you an Angel in our Father's Home? Do you have wings to fly about? 
Do you talk to Jesus everyday? What does He say to you?
Does he use your name, Brenna Grace? Or maybe you're his boo.
Are you a baby or a little girl? Will I know you right away?
One by one my questions flow; do you hear me when I pray?
Do you play with other children who are waiting just like you?
Do you know exactly when we'll meet? Are you impatient too?
Did you meet your Great Grandfathers the moment you slipped away?
Do you know how much we love you and how we prayed for you to stay?

When my pain was at its highest peak, I wondered why you were sent
I must have done something terribly wrong and forgotten to repent.
When we thought we'd lost you the first time, why wouldn't He take you then?
Allowing us instead to see your face and fall in love and mourn what could have been.

But our Father who art in Heaven, he knows the very best
and even though it hurts like hell, we praise God because we're blessed.
As pain and sorrow melt away, You leave peace in its place
My eyes are open wide and I clearly see your face.
I think He had a message that He knew I would only hear from you
That Heaven is real...and you are there...so I have to get there too.
So to my baby Brenna, I love you more than words can say
and I cannot wait to hold your hand through streets of gold one day.


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