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I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58"

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The Jesus Seminar

Read various articles on The Jesus Seminar

Westar Institute - Home of the Jesus Seminar

Jesus Seminar Forum - A Gateway to the Research of the Jesus Seminar

Who does the Jesus Seminar really speak for? - By Craig L. Blomberg

NOTE: The following 5 part series, Deliver Us From The Jesus Seminar, was written by Roman Catholic Scholars with an emphasis on Roman Catholic teachings, with which I have many disagreements. However, these articles do point out many problems associated with the Jesus Seminar and I thought it was valuable enough to share here, overlooking the Roman Catholic aspects.

The Genesis of the Jesus Seminar Part 1 - By Prof. John McCormick
Please read note above

Robert Funk and The Jesus Seminar Part 2 - By William R. Farmer
Please read note above

Biblical Scholarship and the Faith of the Church Part 3 - By Kenneth D. Whitehead Please read note above

Funding of the Jesus Seminar Part 4 - By John Burger
Please read note above

Setting Scholars Straight About The Bible Part 5 - By Rev. N.T. Wright
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