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Ravi Zacharias

By Bruce W. Robida
March 26, 2021


Ravi ZachariasRavi Zacharias has been listed on this website as one of just a handful of respected preachers that I trust and admire. After his death, the International Board of Directors of RZIM commissioned an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse following allegations made in August, 2020. And following the investigation by an independent law firm, the International Board of Directors of RZIM posted an “Open Letter from the International Board of Directors of RZIM on the Investigation of Ravi Zacharias”, detailing the allegations, confessing their failure to address similar allegations in 2017, repenting of the role they played in allowing Ravi Zacharias to continue his misconduct and abuse, and publishing the investigation in full. It was with great reluctance that I have removed all references to Ravi Zacharias except the information that I am providing here. I have strong reservations about removing him from this website, which I will try to explain.


Based on the investigative report, the allegations against Ravi Zacharias are true. It seems clear that he did in fact behave in a manner that is contrary to one who is supposed to be a man of God. In fact, some of the allegations could be considered criminal as well. But, is it possible that God used him despite his double-minded, two-faced life? Those teachings that I so, embraced, were they not true to God’s Word? It seems that those pearls of wisdom should resonate for the rest of time, but instead, all of his work will be labeled suspect, disregarded, and discarded. It seems like such a waste! But even while Ravi Zacharias was involved with sexual misconduct and abuse, he spoke and wrote, and most likely planted the necessary seeds for the Holy Spirit to do His work of redemption on the countless lives that crossed his path. Ravi Zacharias leaves behind, a legacy of shame rather than praise. Does what he did disqualify him from the ultimate prize? I doubt it, but if he were alive today, it would disqualify him from ministry, which would be bad enough. There is so much for Satan to love about this situation. This is a perfect example for why we must pray for the ministers that teach us.


I have two complaints about the International Board of Directors of RZIM. It seems incredible that no one on the board of directors suspected anything was wrong considering the extent of Ravi Zacharias’s involvement with two, day spas. Surely, using ministry resources and even time away from the ministry would have been a clue. And considering that there were previous allegations, you would think that the board of directors would have spent some time following up to ensure Ravi Zacharias was accountable to someone. Was this a massive failure, or was his illicite behavior purposely overlooked? I have my doubts.


I also have a complaint against the alleged victims. I tend to believe victims, especially women and children. But I am incredibly upset that all of these allegations came out after Ravi Zacharias died. It is not possible for him to face his accusers. Anyone can now come out and say that they were victims of his abuse. It is my opinion that once a person is deceased, no claims made against him after his death can be considered valid. As difficult as it can sometimes be, victims must be required to make the allegations while the perpetrator is still living.

Ravi Zacharias and RZIM ministries will no longer be featured on this website. You can read the “Open Letter from the International Board of Directors of RZIM on the Investigation of Ravi Zacharias” and the complete report by clicking the links.

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