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Problems found in the Bible?


For many unbelievers, there are too many problems with the Bible to take it seriously. Some claim that there are contradictions, and others claim that some of the historical accounts are so fantastic, that they can’t possibly be true, such as the six day creation account, including the creation of Adam and Eve. There are even Christians, including Christian leaders who question some Biblical accounts, calling them allegorical rather than historical. This tactic undermines the authority of the Scriptures and causes confusion for those who seek to understand God and His message for His people.

The articles on this page will attempt to explain some of the so-called problems that are found in the Bible.

Unicorns - Why Does the Bible Mention Unicorns? By - Nathan H.

Answering Alleged Bible Contradictions - Most Bible contradictions may be dismissed as translation errors as we will prove throughout this article with the assistance of lexicons. Other difficulties are resolved once we explore the context of the conflicting passages, examine older manuscripts which verify some contradictions as simple scribal errors, and apply logic to solve philosophical dilemmas. - By The Divine Evidence

Pagan Copy-Cat Allegations - If you search the web for similarities between Jesus and pagan deities, you will be met with countless results presenting the same erroneous material which provide no original religious sources to validate their claims. However, if you search the religious texts of the figures in question you will be presented with straightforward information that reveals the claim that the story of Jesus was stolen from pagan myths to be utterly false. For the reader's convenience, I supply links throughout this discussion to the original religious texts so you can see for yourself that the "Pagan Copycat Theory" has been completely fabricated. - By The Divine Evidence

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