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I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58"

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John Kilpatrick

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John Kilpatrick

Current senior pastor at Church of His Presence, Mobile, Alabama

Former pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God for 22 years and leader of the Brownsville Revival, Pensacola, Florida for 5 years beginning June, 1995.

John Kilpatrick is a Word of Faith preacher and false prophet.

In 1997, Prophesying against Hank Hanegraaff, John Kilpatrick said, "You better back off, because I'm going to prophesy to you that if you don't, and you continue to put your tongue in your mouth on this move of God, within 90 days the Holy Ghost will bring you down. I said, within 90 days the Holy Ghost will bring you down. And I speak that as a man of God." 90 days of course has come and gone, yet Hank Hanegraaff and his ministry still remain.

Attempting to minimize the damage to his prophet status before the 90 days were up, John Kilpatrick issued a “public statement,” faxed to Hanegraaff and posted on the Internet. The pastor, evidently knowing the imminent failure of his “word from the Lord,” admitted that “in April [he] got in the flesh and lashed out” at Hanegraaff. Acknowledging his “unChristlike behavior,” he claimed “I was not speaking that as a prophet but as a shepherd putting something in the ears of God.” He further contended, “This is by no means to be interpreted as an attempt to wiggle out of a prophecy.” http://www.pfo.org/nonproph.htm

John Kilpatrick continues to prophesy to members of his congregation. Is he a true prophet? How many failed prophecies does it take to make a false prophet? Just one! OK, so no one is perfect right? All of God's true prophets, when speaking prophetically, were perfect in the prophecies that they spoke. When John Kilpatrick's first prophecy failed, he should have admitted that he spoke presumptuously and then stepped down as a spiritual leader because he was no longer fit to lead.

To current and former members of John Kilptrick Ministries:

Are you a member of John Kilpatrick's congregation? In April, 2013, he prophesied "Nine Prophetic Words for Your New Season". Please contact me if one of these prophecies was directed at you personally. I would like to know whether or not these prophecies were fulfilled and what were the details of those fulfillment's. You owe it to yourself to know whether or not your leader is truly a man of God. Please take a look at the Word of Faith link and the link below and see how your pastor has clearly aligned himself with this false belief system.

Article - 7 Characteristics of false Teachers - By Thomas Brooks  (1608-1680)


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